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Malibu Kayaks X Factor

If you fish or dive Hard Core the 'All New' X-Factor can't be beat! The large front hatch can be upgraded with our new child seat... 'Gator Hatch'. Malibu Kayaks X-Factor is 'The Ultimate Fish & Dive Kayak'.

Starting at $1,199.00


4-point rectangle center hatch with bag
2 Front Rod Holders
2 Rear Rod Holders
Cup Holder
Drain plugs
Bow & Stern handles
Side Carry handles
4 Point Rectangle Center Hatch w/Bag
Bungee tank cord and hooks
Adjustable foot track system
Low profile Gator Hatch
raised multi purpose dry hatch


Apex 1 deluxe seat Paddle in comfort all day with this thermally molded foam seat, offering 8-way adjustment, great support and padding. $115.00
Trolling motor mount On the back of the boat is a flat surface and 2 threaded bolt holes where you can mount a trolling motor $80.00
Custom live well bait tank A live well bait tank that was designed to work with your Malibu kayak. $90.00
Custom live well pump kit This custom live well pump kit was designed to work with the custom Malibu live well kit $90.00
Foot rudder system with mounting kit This rudder system allows you to operate a rudder on the rear of your Malibu kayak with your feet. Flip the rudder down when you need it, flip it up when in shallow water. $150.00
1 Fish & Dive The X Factor Fish & Dive includes everything the Recreation has, plus a 4-point rectangle rear hatch w/bag and 2 front and 2 rear rod holders. $1,199.00
2 Fish & Dive with rudder All of the features of the X Factor Fish & Dive, plus the Crack of Dawn rudder system installed. ($140 install fee applied) $1,439.00
Width: 33"
Length: 14'4"
Weight: 80 lbs
Capacity: 625 lbs
  hunter green
  lime green
  mango orange
  stone gray
2012 XFactor
center hatch
rear hatch and tank well