Adventures Exploring With The Kayaks

At Old Dominion Kayaks, we try to get out on the water as much as we can. When we get a chance to, we'll post photos and write-ups about the trips we take. Check out the links below and catch up on all the places we take the kayaks.

North Anna River

Virginia - North Anna River

We've paddled the South Anna maybe 10 times or so before we finally tried out the North Anna. The North Anna has everything the South Anna has, but bigger. It...

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Rockfish River

Virginia - Rockfish River

A narrow, shallow river with a few little riffles to keep things interesting. Very pretty, but very open, not much tree cover.

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South Anna River

Virginia - South Anna River

A very narrow little river with a fun stretch between routes 33 and 54, if the water is high enough.

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James River

Virginia - James River

Being from Richmond, we take our Malibu Kayaks out on the James all the time, for short trips and all-day trips when we can. At Old Dominion Kayaks, we decided...

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