James River Tylers' Beach to James River Bridge

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Date: 10/21/2011
Trip length: 12.35 miles

At this point in the year, we had only been able to get Tom, Brian and Jason together for 2 trips and we weren't making too much progress on finishing up the James so we decided to make our last trip of the year count towards finishing the James. At this point, everything we have left to do is in big, tidal water. Brian and Jason decided to take some old Pungos because they tend to cut through the water faster than the Malibu's and we were looking for a little bit extra speed. Unbeknownst to Brian, we had to be done in time to get back for his surprise 30th birthday party, so we needed the extra speed. We're not sure if using the Pungos was a mistake or not, because although we could paddle faster, we think the smaller, lighter boats might have bobbed a little more in the waves than our regular boats would have. Brian and Jason spent most of the day feeling seasick, while Tom did just fine in his X-13. It started out when we decided to cut across Burwell Bay to save some time and mileage. Our mileage for the day would end up being between 12 and 13 miles, but by the time we had gone across Burwell Bay and had only gone a few miles, Brian and Jason were having a hard time wanting to go any further. It wasn't a very windy day, but it was enough to make just enough chop to keep Brian and Jason's stomachs churning most of the day. After we crossed the bay, we hugged the shoreline the rest of the day, in part so we could keep getting out onto the firm ground, and take breaks from all the bobbing up and down. It was nice to see a different part of the James and see how the river continually changes from mountains to sea, but we could have done without the seasickness. We'll remember to take some dramamine for our next trips out in the big water. It probably didn't help our physical condition that we camped out the night before the trip (we never get enough sleep when camping) and that Tom made some strange concoction resembling food for breakfast the morning of this trip. Brian and Jason get seasick just remembering this trip, and are trying to forget whatever it is Tom made for breakfast.