James River Springwood to Snowden

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Dates: 09/19/2009 to 09/20/2009
Trip length: 30.9 miles

To anyone taking out or launching at Springwood: You need to have some sort of kayak cart to carry your boat up or down at this landing. The parking lot is a ways above the river and the path to the river is steep and gravel. If you don't have a cart, you'll need friends and you may have to go up and down several times. Old Dominion Kayaks recommends the C-Tug for it's rugged durability, large knobby tires and ability to breakdown and store in your kayak. Check it out here, and don't forget to scroll down and watch the video demonstrating its features. Once again, we went with the big boats because of all the gear we needed to bring for the overnight trip. We've been on several trips now, and the boats that we rode in on this trip are becoming our favorites. Jason likes the stability and hauling capacity of the X Factor, Tom likes the speed of the X-13, and Brian likes the stability and speed found in the Stealth 12. This trip wasn't really any better for fishing than the Irongate to Springwood trip, it may have been a little worse actually. But you don't need to catch fish when you're surrounded by the beauty of a river coursing its way through the mountains. As close to fall as we were, some trees were starting to turn colors and dead leaves were floating down the river with us. Once again, spectacular mountain scenery. We wish we could have come back in a few weeks when most of the leaves had turned color, but it probably would have been too cold to do the kind of trip we did.