James River Bremo Bluff to Columbia

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Date: 04/18/2010
Trip length: 9.8 miles

It was a warm-ish spring day, and we were anxious to get going on doing more sections of the James River. This was our first outing of 2010, so we picked a short stretch that didn't have much in the way of rapids that might get us wet. This was a fairly unremarkable stretch for us. We didn't really attempt to fish much, even though we brought our rods with us. The only features on this stretch were a few small islands and 2-3 areas of riffles. This stretch also has long straight sections of the river, so there aren't a lot of natural place for trees to hang up on the banks and create good fishing holes. It was not the most exciting stretch, but was good to get out and back on the river. Probably the most exciting thing this trip was this old tank that's been in the river a while... long enough for someone to spray paint a smiley on it anyway.