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New website!

Old Dominion Kayaks is pleased to announce that Malibu Kayaks has changed/updated most of their kayaks for 2017. Refer to their site for up to date specs on boats. This site will continue to show old specs until current inventory is depleted. Also, spring is here and we've got plenty of boats in stock and waiting for you. A great selection of Malibu Kayaks is ready to get you out on the water. Drop a line and let us know your interest today! Check out the "How to choose a kayak" letter. It's full of helpful info, sit-ins vs sot, short vs long, what , where, how, colors, seats, paddles, pfd's...links to other sites, for reviews, etc., club info.


Kayaks in stock

ALERT ! Malibu Kayaks has updated models and new prices. New Stealth12's will be $1399. New Stealth14's will be $1699. New X-Factor's will be $1599. These will include their new X-seat. *******I still have 2016 X-Factor's, $1300 with Surf to Summit GTS Expedition seats included, while they last!!!!


Watch the clearance page for deals on blems and clearance items!!! New boats coming in all the time. Contact us for availability.

Why Malibu Kayaks?


Stability is a key component of our success. With our unique hull designs, stability is our number 1 priority.


Roto molded

Roto Molding mixes the resin evenly throughout the kayak as it's baked, eliminating uneven quality.

Special Formula Resin

Resin powder

We want our kayaks to last a long time. We use the highest grade special formula resin for durability and quality.


Our kayaks boast an average weight capacity of 400 lbs, while being one of the lightest.

Made in the USA

Usa flag

Did we forget to mention? Malibu Kayaks are made with pride, right here in America.

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What makes Old Dominion Kayaks different from a big box store? The personal attention and devotion to making sure you get the kayak that's best for you. When you're in a sporting goods store looking at kayaks, how do you know which one you'll like or which one fits your physique or interests best? There's only one way to be sure, and that's to try the boat out for yourself and get advice from someone who deals only in kayaks and fitting you to the boat that's right for you.

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